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Choosing the right device for the classroom is hard, and we want your job to be easy. Which is why we will send you an Infinity:One computer to try in your classroom for two weeks.

Created by Australian

not-for-profit organisation

Both a tablet and a laptop, the keyboard dock is included.

Keep things familiar. Infinity:One runs the latest version of Windows.

Specifically created for use with both schools and kids in mind.

Designed for classrooms

Infinity:One is drop resistant up to 70cm and splash-proof.

Hybrid Device


Windows 10

"The durability, ease of use and versatility of the Infinity:One has made it a must have technology tool in our classrooms and the reason why we've ordered many more."


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School ICT Manager

"The Infinity:One allows for the students to learn in the way that suits them. As far as I'm concerned, it is the ultimate learning device for the classroom."

Megan Townes

Andre Monardo

Microsoft Teacher Ambassador

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The Infinity:One is created by One Education, an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to improving learning and opportunity by reducing the cost of technology.